When you are sick getting out of bed itself can prove to be a challenge when all you want to do is close your eyes and go back to sleep. Sleep is an important in helping the body get better.

Tips to getting better sleep when you are sick:

Add moisture to the air by using a vaporizer or humidifier. Flu and cold symptoms can dry your airways out and make them raw making it painful and hard to sleep.

2. Prop yourself up. Sinus pressure gets better when your head is higher than your body, so let gravity work for you. When you lie down, postnasal drip can build up, making your throat sore and triggering a cough. Make a wedge with a few pillows to prop yourself up in bed. You may breathe and sleep a little easier.

3. Sleep alone. When you're sick, it may be better to sleep away from your partner. That way you won't risk spreading the sickness. And you can cough, blow your nose, and get out of bed without waking someone else up or having someone else disturbing your sleep.

4. Can't sleep? Then try getting up and doing something else. Sit in a chair and read for a little while. Listen to music. Then get back into bed when you feel sleepier. Make sure to wear your SleepSpec so that you don’t throw out your circadian rhythm and end up ‘waking’ yourself up even more.