When travelling, whether for business or pleasure, our sleep tends to be disturbed and our normal routine is thrown out of whack which can result in a lack of energy which dampens your mood and affects your entire trip.

 Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are travelling to improve your stay.

Travel with prestick. This will come in handy to cover the LED lights from any electronic device in the room such as a television. The small LED light can disrupt your internal clock telling you that it is time to wake up and stop your brain from actually going through the sleep cycle.

Even though it can be exciting to be travelling, and quite tempting to ignore your normal sleep times and go to bed later than normal or sleep in, try to keep to your normal bed time routine and sleep times.

Pack (and use) your sleep mask. Sometimes the curtains provided in hotels are not dark enough to block out outside light which, just like the LED lights, will disrupt your slumber and reduce the quality of your sleep.

Drink alcohol in moderation. While it may initially help you fall asleep, alcohol can disturb your sleep as your body clears it from your system, due to symptoms that disturb your sleep, like nightmares, sweats, and a headache.