Find it hard to call it quits and shut down your console? Then find it even harder to fall asleep afterwards? This is not an uncommon problem. There are multiple factors to why after some much-loved game time that it is hard to get to sleep and get the quality of sleep you need.

One of the more obvious reasons for this is that gaming gets your brain active as you interact with other players and strategize ways to beat your opponent. Whether that is an NPC (non-player character) or another online gamer you need to think and at times get creative. This all acts as a stimulant, which gets your brain thinking and your body reacts. Which is great for distractions and relieving some stress to help unwind, however, it is not a good thing for your sleep cycle.

Then there is the more subtle reason you may be struggling to get quality sleep. Something as simple and as needed as your screen could be sabotaging your sleep.  Your screen, whether it is a television or a computer monitor, emits blue light. This blue light then enters your eyes and sends signals to your brain telling it that it is still time to be awake and alert. Which is great during the day but when it is time for you to sleep it throws your circadian rhythm out of whack. When your brain detects the lack of blue light, that is the signal to start preparing for sleep. Without this signal it takes longer to adjust when you climb into bed which makes it hard for you to sleep. Plus on top of that, once you are asleep you loose another two hours of quality sleep because your body still needs to go through the process to prepare for sleep.

So while gaming is not bad for you in general, you should probably start thinking of shutting down at least one to two hours before you go to sleep to give your brain a break and prep for the very important sleep process. 

Better sleep = better reaction times which means even your gaming should improve as you have the ability to react faster!