How do SleepSpec Work?

How do SleepSpec Work?

Research has shown that there is a connection between the increased amount of blue light in our modern environment and the growing incidence of sleep difficulties.

All artificial light contains blue light.  In fact, fluorescent lights produce about 25% more blue light and LED’s about 35% more than older, traditional incandescent lights.

This blue light suppresses the production of melatonin – commonly called the ‘sleep hormone’ which is responsible for controlling one’s sleep and awake cycles also known as the circadian rhythm. This is the 24 hour cycle of day and night which controls our sleep patterns and is adapted to the earth’s natural rhythm of day and night.

Sunlight contains blue light, therefore as the sun rises melatonin production is suppressed and our bodies wake up, while at night as the sun sets and light fades into darkness there is less or no blue light and melatonin is produced preparing the body to move into sleep mode.

Nowadays, however artificial light from lamps and particularly from electronic devices means that the brain struggles to distinguish the change from day to night, melatonin production is suppressed and therefore our bodies’ are unable to move effectively into sleep mode. Research indicates that to adequately prepare the body for sleep and allow sufficient melatonin production, one should not be exposed to blue light for at least two hours before bed time.

However, doing this would be virtually impossible in our modern lives as it would mean switching off all blue light emitting devices including lights, televisions, cellphones, computers and tablets.

SleepSpecs have orange lenses which absorb blue light thus allowing for melatonin production.

It is only a very narrow band of light (460 to 480 nm)  which affects melatonin production so Dr Daniel worked in a laboratory with spectrometers to ensure that the lenses used in SleepSpec absorb this exact spectrum of blue light.

One is able to carry on with all normal activity whether it be working, watching television or reading e-books while wearing the SleepSpec. SleepSpec effectively supports the body’s natural circadian rhythm allowing one to regain a natural and healthy sleep pattern.