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The SleepSpec are worn like normal glasses. For sufficient Melatonin to be produced they need to be worn for a minimum of two hours before bedtime. The longer you wear them the more Melatonin is produced.

The specs should only be taken off in complete darkness. If they eye perceives any light it will immediately cease producing Melatonin and signal to the brain to wake up. Because light can be perceived even through closed eyelids, the use of the SleepSpec Sleep Mask or similar will enhance the benefit of the SleepSpec.

On waking at night do not turn on any lights – use the SleepSpec Spotlight or similar torch with orange or red light to navigate your way.

The SleepSpec should be worn for a minimum of two hours before bedtime.

Yes, you can still watch television, work on your laptop, read your kindle or use your tablet. The lenses in the SleepSpec have been specially engineered to block out the exact spectrum of blue light which affects Melatonin production.

No significant side effects have been reported however this varies from person to person. Some people take a little while to get used to them, and some may possibly feel a little odd to start with. Should you be battling to adjust to wearing the SleepSpec, it is best to build up wearing time – so start with 30 min and increase by 10/20 min each day.

The SleepSpec offer a model that can accommodate an optical insert which takes prescription lenses. These lenses can be made by your regular optometrist. If they fit, you can also simply wear the standard SleepSpecs over normal glasses.

Yes. SleepSpec are highly beneficial for children as they are high users of electronic devices. Depending on the age of the child there are SleepSpec Shades for Kids.

You should feel the effect of the SleepSpec almost immediately. Initially you may just feel a bit calmer and more relaxed but the real benefit is cumulative so it is best to use the SleepSpecs regularly to experience the full effect of them.