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Delivery Information

Product Delivery

We have contracted Aramex, a third party courier company, to handle your delivery process. Your participation in this process is required for your delivery to be successful. Important delivery terms are below.

We may choose to use an alternative courier at any time.

The same delivery terms will apply.

5.1 When can you expect your delivery?

Subject to stock availability as indicated on the payment portal and provided that payment has been received, the courier will contact you via email to confirm the delivery of your purchase. The courier will make every effort to make delivery within the estimated time window provided in this email and to contact you again to confirm a delivery date and estimated time.

Delivery to some areas may take longer due to the frequency of deliveries to that area. The following elements may also affect delivery time: packaging, transit time to courier, and transit time to the delivery address.

Please follow the instructions in the courier’s email if you wish to track the delivery status of your purchase.

5.2 How can you prepare for your delivery?

The courier has been contracted to complete the delivery service to one delivery address. Please make sure that you or someone authorised to take delivery on your behalf is present at the delivery address on the day that the courier has informed you of delivery.

The courier’s delivery route may not extend to certain outer lying areas. In these circumstances, you will be required to provide an address for delivery within its normal routes at the time of ordering.

5.3 Who can take delivery?

Either you or a representative above the age of 18, must be present to receive your purchase at the date and time window notified by the courier. You must notify the courier if someone will be accepting delivery on your behalf. The courier may require proof of identity on delivery.

If no one is available to receive the delivery at the scheduled date and time, another delivery fee may be applied to your order. Please refer to clause 5.5 below.

5.4 What are you responsible for upon delivery?

Before accepting delivery, you must:

  • Inspect the items delivered for any obvious faults or defects, or missing, damaged or incorrect items; and confirm that it corresponds with your purchase.
  • Please sign the delivery note in the presence of the courier representative to confirm receipt of your purchase.
  • Please retain this delivery note if you wish to discuss the products further with us.
  • If there are obvious faults or defects, or missing, damaged or incorrect items, please retain the items, indicate the problem on the delivery note and contact Customer Service within 48 hours of your delivery.
  • A signed delivery note, without notations of obvious faults or defects, or missing, damaged or incorrect items represents your acceptance of the complete purchase in apparent perfect condition. For any other problem with your purchase, please refer to our Return Policy below.
  • Neither SleepSpec nor the courier will be liable for deliveries made to a representative who fails to inspect the products and indicate visible defects of packaging, damaged items, or missing merchandise on the delivery note.

Ownership and all risk in the products purchased shall pass onto you on delivery. If you are not available to take delivery at the address you supplied (or delivery has otherwise not been able to take place by your fault) all risk and ownership will be passed to you from the time delivery is originally attempted by the courier. SleepSpec will not be liable for any loss of or damage to products delivered after the first attempt.

5.5 What additional fees may apply?

You may be required to make an additional delivery payment if:

  • you change the delivery address after your purchase has been dispatched;
  • you require special services outside of our standard delivery, such as a specified time window;
  • more than one delivery attempt is required because you were not available for your scheduled delivery or delivery could not be made due to unsafe conditions;
  • you fail to indicate missing, damaged or incorrect items on the delivery note; or etc.
  • or any other delivery requirement is not met.

You will be notified by email if any additional payments are required in order to receive your purchase.

5.6 Delivering to a Freight Forwarder?

In order to ensure that your delivery is processed as quickly as possible; please contact Customer Service and indicate to the advisor that your order will be delivered to a freight forwarder.

Additional delivery information will be required to ensure accurate processing of your order and additional delivery charges may apply based on time frame and location for delivery.

Neither SleepSpec nor the courier will be held responsible for deliveries made to a freight forwarder who fails to inspect the products and indicate visible defects of packaging, damaged items, or missing merchandise on the delivery note.

Product not delivered in original condition

Our products will be delivered in a new or original condition unless specifically stated otherwise. If you feel the product that has been delivered is not in its original condition please contact Customer Service immediately.